Global warming and its massive impact on natural disasters is one of the uncomfortable realities of our era. At the same time, human influence on nature and the environment, as a result of unrestrained land use and progressive land consumption has led to an exponential increase in the risk of damage from natural hazards. This global trend is even intensified in fragile mountain regions such as the Alps. Traditional concepts of hazard prevention or disaster management are no longer sufficient in the present, global climatic change requires sustainable adaptation processes for the protective system. Natural hazard engineering with its classical instruments of hazard planning, monitoring of hazard processes as well as technical and engineer-biological protective measures also requires systematic further development, on the one hand in the direction of holistic protection concepts, on the other hand in the direction of nature-based solutions. The perceptible limits of technical protection require a consistent analysis of extreme events and residual risk.

To address this issue the next international interdisciplinary conference INTERPRAEVENT 2024 will focus on “Natural hazards in a changing climate” with the guiding question: “How to manage risks under global warming?”


Natural hazard processes

The main focus of the conference is on the folllowing natural hazard processes

  • debris flows
  • floods (fluvial and pluvial)
  • forest fires
  • landslides (including rockfall)
  • snow avalanches

Special attention is paid to the effects caused by climate change, for example extreme weather events, heatwaves and droughts or heavy precipitation on the natural hazard processes.

Furthermore, the following topics related to the natural hazard processes will be considered: glacier and permafrost related risks, erosion and sediment related disasters, cascading events, storm events and protective function of forests.



The INTERPRAEVENT 2024 will be organized as a scientific-technical conference with six thematic sessions:

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