The oral presentations are a unique opportunity to share and discuss your valuable work with the international community at the conference.  To support you to prepare your presentation, we put together some guidelines and tips.

The conference will be simultaneously translated. To support the interpreters in their work it would be important to receive the presentations in advance.
Please upload your presentation (including e.g. videos) to the data exchange system until Monday 3 June 2024:


In order to benefit from the exchange with the entire professional audience at the conference, we encourage you to use common language (short and simple), illustrations and to foster the dialogue between scientist and practitioners. Furthermore, we recommend to use the templates below for the presentation.

  • The oral presentations can be given in German or English.
  • The slides of the presentations should be in the same language as the talk.
  • Submit either *.pptx or *.pdf files in the format 16:9.
  • Videos can be implemented in the PowerPoint presentation directly but should be uploaded separately too.
  • All video formats can be supported, we recommend a high resolution.
  • Please submit also a short CV for giving the chair the possibility to introduce you.
  • Name your files as follows: YOURNAME_presentation.pptx or YOURNAME_presentation.pdf, or YOURNAME_video1.mp4, or YOURNAME_CV.pdf, or ...



INTERPRAEVENT 2024 offers six thematic sessions and each presentation has been assigned to one theme. Please be aware that your thematic session might have changed since your first submission, which you have been informed about through Email.

Each session will be hosted by a chair and a co-chair, who will introduce the theme as well as speakers and lead the discussion. They are also responsible for ensuring that the session is held within the specified time.  

  • All presentations must be uploaded in advance. For last minute changes, a computer to upload the presentations will be available the final time will be defined.
  • Speakers are required to be in the meeting room at least 10 minutes before the session starts.
  • The oral presentation should be given within 12 minutes with 3 minutes for immediate questions afterwards. Please keep to the time limit for a smooth running.
  • At the end of each session, there will be 10 minutes of discussion with all speakers. Longer sessions will be spilt in two discussion rounds.

We are looking forward to your exciting oral presentations!

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