Experts highlight the importance of the INTERPRAEVENT conference for the international science and engineering community in the field of preventive protection against natural disasters:

"INTERPRAEVENT is not just another conference. What makes this biannual convention of scientists and engineers so special is the unique mixture of informal exchange of knowledge, intensive and open-minded discourse and professional friendship. INTERPRAEVENT 2024 will add traditional Viennese hospitality and the imperial atmosphere of the Hofburg ."

Portrait of Florian Rudolf Miklau

Chair of Organising Team
Austrian Service for Torrent and Avalanche Control


"Unfortunately, we will have to deal with climate change, at least for the next few decades. Climate change is a global issue,  but the problems caused by climate change differ from region to region. So, let us all bring our experiences and think together about how to pass on a safe environment where the next and subsequent generations can live with peace of mind."


"Doing research in the field of natural hazards provides scientists the opportunity to improve human societies. However, strong connections among scientists, land/water managers and private consultants are absolutely needed to make new ideas and solutions become real and beneficial for communities. Interpraevent has the great merit of carrying on such a vital mission, and as a scientist I hope more colleagues will see the extreme value of mixing up with practitioners during the Interpraevent conference.""

COMITI, Francesco
Associate Professor
Faculty of Science and Technology
Free University of Bozen-Bolzano


"At the start of my professional career as an avalanche researcher, the 1992 Interpraevent Conference in Bern was a good opportunity to build up my professional network. Some contacts have now existed for more than 30 years and have deepened over time. Especially the always very interesting excursions are a good opportunity to meet new colleagues and to have professional discussions."


"I appreciate that Interpraevent connects researchers, engineers, practitioners and the authorities. This interdisiplinary dialogue is valuable in order to effectively manage natural hazards and risks in a changing climate."

Portrait of Priska Hiller

HILLER, Priska H.
Senior Engineer
Norwegian Water Resources and Engery Directorate


"From my point of view, organizations such as Interpraevent are fundamental, for the role they play in allowing the meeting and the dialogue between the community of researchers and the community of other actors in the prevention of natural hazards in mountains (practitioners, managers, elected people...). I am happy to contribute to the representation of the French community in this network. It was an honor to be invited to organize the Interpraevent congress in 2012."


"The research results of the individual phases of disaster management (mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery) are presented to a broad public at the international Interpraevent congresses that take place every 4 years and the findings are discussed extensively there. I am always happy when I can take part in a congress and get the latest findings from natural hazard research there."

Portrait of Josef Schneider


Chair of INTERPRAEVENT Scientific Advisory Board 
Graz University of Technology


" Research and practice only complement each other, if there is a broad and serious communication and common understanding between both sides. This is the most important task of INTERPRAEVENT: bringing together researchers, engineers, planners, administration staff and other important stakeholders and exchange knowledge as well as experience. Therefore I'm really looking forward to the Congress in 2024."


"Man-made climate change and its consequences on natural and human systems is the biggest and most urgent global challenge of our times. It is thus key to illuminate important links regarding natural hazards. Interpraevent conference contributes to this aim by connecting researchers and other actors in the prevention of natural hazards in an interdisciplinary, professional and open-minded way."

Portrait of Marc Olefs

Head of climate research department
GeoSphere Austria


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